rose des vents Our Ethos

The maritime field shapes a privileged space of freedom and opening out for which the primary aim of Transmer Assurances is to ease our client’s path to top quality insurance programmes and services. We are convinced that an experienced and efficient intermediary is vital for both insured and insurer to achieve the ideal insurance package and Transmer Assurances associates with pleasure to its business the whole world of insurance professionals’ intermediaries.

Insurance broker at first, Transmer Assurance is an Underwriting Agent who claims for an proxy status for yachting insurers.

Moreover Transmer Assurances has become the most important French provider in the field of Super Yacht Insurance combining the best UK insurance market solvency’s with French consumerism. Through its “Transmer 24”concept, Transmer Assurances offers “all risks-any property damage” genuine coverage, systematically packaged with P&I Club guarantees fitting with the most recent employer’s, passenger’s or guest’s liability requirements, complying with MLC 2006, very large Passenger Personal Accident coverages and 24/24 - 7/7 assistance.

Furthermore, Transmer Assurances homemade claim management is based upon large loss handling delegated authorities providing reactive settlement handling, uncontested since 1987 and a particularly personalized service to customers.

rose des vents Our History :

Indeed since 1987 Transmer Assurances ran a more and more representative portion of pleasure craft insurances French market.

Its team, coming from a non-specialized insurance structure based upon more than 85 years of tradition and know-how, merges specialists of at once sailing and insurance worlds.

However, the team consistency first and foremost stands in the open-mindedness which results from having practiced and serviced in good terms with any insurance forces and actors and also a multidisciplinary lighting, source of creativity and added value.